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Hello! My name is Sammy. I live on the Gold Coast with my wife and kids. For many years, I wasn't very happy. I was working in a job which gave me very little pleasure. This was because it was an entry-level job at a fast-food joint. I knew I needed to make a change, but I had no idea what that change was until I got talking to my brother-in-law. He suggested that I sign up at a local adult education college so I could improve my education and develop new skills. I did just that and now I am the manager of a restaurant. I hope you like this blog and that it inspires you to develop your skills.



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My Top Educational and Development Tips

Get Lifting: Choosing a Forklift Training Course That Meets Your Needs

by Avery Fowler

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert, operating a forklift in Australia requires a certification. There's no shortcut, such as online courses: it has to be a proper, in-person affair. But never fear, as there's plenty of forklift training courses on offer, tailored for practically any experience level or goal, with solutions available for businesses and individuals alike.

Reputation First 

It bears mentioning that you should always do your due diligence before investing in a forklift training course. Ensure that the course operator is an RTO (Registered Training Organisation), meaning that they're accredited to provide vocational training and offer standardised qualifications. Only RTOs issue valid certificates that authorise you to legally get behind the controls of a forklift. Don't forget to check the reviews of any training provider, to ensure that they offer high-quality instruction.

Location, Location, Location

Most forklift training courses are only offered on weekdays during business hours, which can make it difficult to find the time to get certified. Luckily, most forklift training providers offer on-site training and training at their own facilities. This is a great solution for both businesses that need to get a few workers licensed at once and individuals who'd like to expand their repertoire. 

For Beginners

If you're just looking to get your foot in the door as fast as possible, you'll want a 'standard' course, which generally consists of a day of practical, on-site training, complemented with mandatory online homework that you can finish on your own time. Once that's done, you will need to pass a license assessment, similar to an automobile driving test, and then you're finished. However, if you're looking for more than just the certification and want to learn as much of the ropes as you can, there are longer courses available, designed to give you a more thorough introduction. These typically last four or five days, leaving the student not just qualified, but also very competent.

For Experts

Perhaps you're an experienced forklift operator who's moved to Australia from overseas, your qualification has lapsed due to inactivity, or you've been operating a forklift unlicensed? Whatever your reasons, there's forklift training courses tailored specifically for your situation, too. These courses are designed to get all of the required boxes ticked with the aim of getting you certified ASAP, with the practical training and the license assessment both being completed on the same day. 


Getting a forklift license is quick and easy, as long as you make sure that you're opting for a good provider and the right course for your needs. With what you've learned here, you're all set!