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Hello! My name is Sammy. I live on the Gold Coast with my wife and kids. For many years, I wasn't very happy. I was working in a job which gave me very little pleasure. This was because it was an entry-level job at a fast-food joint. I knew I needed to make a change, but I had no idea what that change was until I got talking to my brother-in-law. He suggested that I sign up at a local adult education college so I could improve my education and develop new skills. I did just that and now I am the manager of a restaurant. I hope you like this blog and that it inspires you to develop your skills.



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My Top Educational and Development Tips


How to Find a Childcare Centre That Lets You Stay Connected

Enrolling at a childcare centre can be a scary experience for a child who's used to being at home with mum or dad. But young children aren't the only ones who feel uneasy when they're apart from loved ones. As the parent, you'll likely find yourself feeling just as nervous as they are, always wondering what they're doing and how they're getting on. One of the best ways to combat this is to find a childcare centre that lets you stay connected with your little one's day as much as possible.