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Hello! My name is Sammy. I live on the Gold Coast with my wife and kids. For many years, I wasn't very happy. I was working in a job which gave me very little pleasure. This was because it was an entry-level job at a fast-food joint. I knew I needed to make a change, but I had no idea what that change was until I got talking to my brother-in-law. He suggested that I sign up at a local adult education college so I could improve my education and develop new skills. I did just that and now I am the manager of a restaurant. I hope you like this blog and that it inspires you to develop your skills.



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My Top Educational and Development Tips

Are You Really Sure That You're Ready to Get Your Driver's License?

by Avery Fowler

If you're the youngster in the family, you may be the last one to reach driving age and receive their "rite of passage", the ubiquitous licence. Older siblings may have told you how cool it is to get behind the wheel and exercise your freedom, and they may even have offered to help teach you the practicalities of driving. While you may think this is a good idea and eagerly take them up on their offer, will this approach be sufficient to make you a safe driver? What do you need to take into account before you apply for your test?

Driving in Perfect Conditions

Your older brother or sister may well be a very good driver and have quite a bit of experience. However, they may think that the simple approach is best in order to help you learn and that they shouldn't take you out in any adverse conditions when you're learning. You can understand this approach, as there is enough stress in trying to master the art as it is, but remember that you will have to encounter this type of driving experience at some stage, no matter what.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

For example, what are you going to do when you first get behind the steering wheel at night, if you've never experienced this before? All of a sudden, you've got to deal with poor visibility and the lights of vehicles to your front and rear. Will you know, for example, that your mirror has a built-in adjuster, so you can quickly dim the lights of any car travelling behind you? Do you realise that you should always avert your eyes to the opposite side of the road when faced with oncoming cars, to avoid night blindness?

Dealing with Rain

Your sibling may have advised you against a driving lesson in stormy conditions, but you can learn a lot in this scenario to prepare you for the future. Above all else, you need to reduce your speed and understand that standing water can lead to a nasty experience known as aquaplaning. You need to understand the limits of adhesion and should never "push" the ability of your tyres to deal with the underlying surface.

Stopping Properly

Remember that you must practice cadence braking when slowing your vehicle in slippery conditions and never be tempted to stand on the brakes, even in an emergency. While many vehicles are fitted with anti-lock braking systems to help, there is no substitute for experience and the right technique at the time.

Do This as Well

Nobody is suggesting that you should reject brotherly or sisterly help when it comes to drive time, but it would be a better idea for you to supplement with assistance from professionals. Book driving lessons with an instructor before you apply for the all-important test.